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What kind of functions, commands, etc. can I use in a room?


Like every subculture, the chat features its own language with symbols and abbreviations. Many abbreviations are traditionally written between two little asterisks (e.g. *lol*). On the Internet, there are many websites which contain long lists of such abbreviations. That's why we would like to provide you with an overview of only the most important ones:

:-) A smiling face (as seen from the side)
:-( A sad face (as seen from the side)
:-x A kiss (as seen from the side)
*lol* "laughing out loud" = Person is laughing out loudly
*rotfl* or *rofl* "rolls on the floor laughing" = Person doubles over laughing
*g* Person is grinning
*w* "wave" = Person is waving you goodbye
afk "away from keyboard" = Person is currently not sitting at his/her PC
brb "be right back" = Person will be right back
re "returned" = Person has returned
gw Congratulations

The following abbreviations are especially popular in boards:

SCNR "sorry could not resist" = Sorry, I could not resist
OT "off topic" = This entry deviates from the original topic; in fact it does not belong here at all
AFAIK "as far as i know" = As far as I know
IMHO "in my humble opinion" = in my modest opinion
kT no text = You don't have to read the entry; apart from the heading, it contains no text

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