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What are operators? Why are some of the names marked in another color?

In the people's list of a room, the nicknames may be marked in different colors for identification purposes:

  • A nickname marked in black is a registered chatter without any further rights.
  • A nickname marked in gray is an chatter without visible profile.
  • A nickname marked in red is a so-called "perm-op" (abbreviation for "permanent operator").
  • A nickname marked in blue is a so-called "temp-op" (abbreviation for "temporary operator").

Ops are registered persons with further rights, using which they can ban individual persons from the current chat room, block a specific Internet access to a chat room for a short period of time, or mute a specific person.

In terms of "perm-ops", we differentiate between so-called "server-ops" and "chat room-ops". While the op-rights of "chat room-ops" only apply to one or, in some cases, several rooms, the op-rights of "server-ops" apply to all rooms of the Community. Unlike the "chat room-ops", they cannot only mute individual persons in the current chat room or ban them from it, but they can mute them in all chat rooms, ban them entirely from the Community - i.e. from the server - as well as block them for 24 hours.

A "perm-op" is appointed by the room administrator and is granted his rights permanently. A "temp-op" has only been appointed for a limited period of time by a "perm-op" or any other "temp-op" to assist him. "Temp-ops" keep their rights only as long as they are in the room. When entering the room the next time, they will not automatically be granted the aforementioned rights. Apart from that, they only dispose of the right to "kick" a person out of a room. Any further rights are reserved for "perm-ops".

How can I become an operator?
Being an operator is not a right, but primarily a duty. If you are a frequent visitor to the chat and if you have made a good impression, you will be offered op-rights by other "perm-ops" or by the room administrator. Never forget that receiving op-rights is not a reward for something, but merely a task - namely to make sure that the room offers an as pleasant a chat environment for its persons as possible. You should never ask/beg for op-rights. This is in general perceived as impolite/pushy and rather reduces the probability of your receiving op-rights instead.

How can I become room administrator?
Please read the text "How can I transform my own room into a permanent room? How can I register my own room?".