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Detailed information for children

Not everyone you get to know in the chat is your friend, even if they act friendly. Often adults or adolescents pretend to be your age but they are not.
Be careful and talk to your parents or your friends about it if a dialog seems strange to you. If somebody writes to you in a suspicious way, click the big blue "Block"-button to end the dialog or click the big blue "Report harassment"-button to inform a chat supervisor.

Please be particularly careful in this situations

Don't tell anyone your last name, your phone number, where you live or what school you go to
if somebody asks you what you look like, what you are wearing or what you wear when you go swimming
if someone offers you VIP, gifts or money if you do something for them
if someone wants to talk about sex or your body with you
if somebody uses many words you don't know
if someone asks you about your brothers and sisters and if you have seen them naked
or something like that
if somebody asks you if you like people who are older than you
if someone wants to take pictures of you or wants to film you or asks you if yu have a "cam"
if someone asks you if you have MSN or ICQ
if people ask you if you ever had a boyfriend or a girlfriend
if people want that you call them Dad, Mom, Grandpa or something like that
Watch these flash-videos from ThinkUKnow about potential dangers in online chatrooms.
When you enter our website, choose a name that does not give away your identity Take the name of a character from a film or a comic or a book you like. Do not choose a name that reveals where you come from, your age or your name.
This chat is mainly intended for adults.
We can't protect you adequately. You should try to visit only websites that are made for children. Have a look at http://www.fragfinn.de/ (german only!) - you can find many suitable websites there. Also have a look at ThinkUKnow - there are online games especially for you.
Never arrange to meet somebody you have got to know at spinchat.com, in the chat or somewhere on the internet. Always talk to your parents.