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I have problems with the payment.

I have problems with payment via Paypal.

Since we keep receiving questions on the payment with PayPal again and again, we have a description on how exactly it works right here:

In order to pay via PayPal in the Community, you have to have or to create an account with PayPal. PayPal is a online payment system that credits the amounts to be paid either via direct debit from your account or from your credit card.

If you plan on paying via PayPal in the Community and you do not have an account there yet, and if you want to register there during the Community payment, you can do this in one go:
Choose payment method "PayPal" and go through the corresponding steps in the relevant area of the now occurring payment page. At the end of the process, you confirm your payment and now also the registry of your PayPal account will also be concluded.

Next time, you can make a payment via PayPal by logging onto the payment page of PayPal in the relevant area with your PayPal account data and execute the next steps.

By the way, a PayPal account does not only pay off for the Community, but also for many other websites. You can find further information here PayPal.