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Problems with other people

Someone has got my picture in his/her profile!

If someone has uploaded pictures in his/her profile/pages that display you without your permission for publication, please contact the person directly. Most of these kinds of problems can be resolved very quickly.

Please contact the person directly when it is about other pictures that belong to you as we cannot verify whether the relevant pictures really belong to you.

The basic principle is: Everyone can save a or "your" picture which you post on the net on his/her hard drive, and everyone can do whatever he/she likes with the picture he/she saved - this cannot be prohibited technically. It is irrelevant whether you "only" uploaded the picture in the Community. If it is available in the Community, it is on the Internet.

If you cannot reach an agreement and if you insist upon our intervention, we imperatively need proof that you really have the rights to this picture.
In case of personal photos, we would only need a copy of your ID.
Of course, we will treat your data confidentially.

Please read here what else is to be considered when writing to Support.