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Imprint and Support e-mail addresses

What I must keep in mind when I write to Support

First of all: Have you already...

consulted the Help concerning your problem and the board "Features / Bug Reports / Questions"? Maybe, if not even definitely, somebody else had the same problem or question.
If everybody did this before contacting Support, this would substantially reduce the e-mails sent to Support. This, in turn, would result in those people with truly unsolved problems being helped much more quickly.

received e-mails from us concerning your request? Please always read our e-mails thoroughly! There you will receive all information necessary for solving your problem.
We have also received requests in which the solution to the problem was quoted or copied from an e-mail sent earlier by us.

And one more thing: There are people "working" in Support.
Therefore, treat them like you would like to be treated: be polite, friendly, and objective.
Our Terms of Use and the Netiquette apply also when contacting Support.
Verbal attacks of any type will surely not lead to the results you may have intended.

If you write to Support,...

  • either write
    • an e-mail to the official Support e-mail address
    • or use the function "-> Mail to Support" in the Community chatmail system
  • never write a chatmail to one of our server administrators.

  • explain your problem clearly so that even persons who don't know your problem (yet) will be able to understand what you would like to tell them.
    If Support has to guess a lot and write to you several times to find out what your problem is, the enquiry process will drag on for an unpleasant length of time, for you as well.

  • use - if possible - always the same e-mail address for your enquiry, and always use the button "Reply" of your e-mail-program (incl. "Include original message"!) to respond to any Support e-mails. This also applies to any further communication concerning your enquiry. As such, we always receive all necessary information and, thus, can process your request much more quickly.
    If you send e-mails concerning one and the same matter from five different e-mail-accounts without the entire e-mail-communication attached, it is almost impossible for Support to find out what belongs together and in which way. Our Support receives far more e-mails than you might think.

  • always use an e-mail address to which account you have access to.
    In the past, we have received requests sent from public Internet terminals which offer free e-mail-services. The problem in such a case: If you use such accounts, you cannot determine the sender's e-mail address yourself, which always is of fixed and anonymous nature. This means that Support will not be able to answer to such an e-mail.
    If you need to send anonymous e-mails from such an account, to which you would like to have a reply, then always indicate a real e-mail address of yours in your text, to which Support can send its reply.

  • always enter a specific topic in the "Subject"-line of your e-mail-program, which describes what your e-mail is about, (i.e. not just something like "Problem!", "Help!", "Chat!" etc.).
    On the one hand, this makes work for Support easier in general, and on the other, it reduces the risk of your e-mail being lost in the "trash bin" because it could not be classified.

  • write to the official Support e-mail address and not to any other of the e-mail addresses you can find at SPiN or Spinchat.com.
    This does not accelerate the e-mails' processing at all, but only causes extra work.

  • write only one e-mail for one request and not every day only because you think that your e-mail could have been lost, or that Support is dawdling, or that is does not reply to you on purpose.
    Sending several mails concerning one and the same request also does not accelerate your request's processing at all, but only causes extra work and leads to further delay.

Always include the following information in your e-mail:

  • Your nickname for the chat (Please make sure the spelling is correct and that any special characters such as e.g. *, ~, ! etc. are included)?
  • When did your problem occur (date/approximate time)?
  • Which browser (the program you use for surfing the Internet) do you use?
  • Which browser version do you use (Note: To learn which version you use, please check out the "Help" function of your browser)?
  • Which operating system is installed on your PC?
  • Which Internet service provider do you use to surf the Internet?
  • Which additional programs (pop-up/advertisement blockers, browser toolbars, "personal firewalls", firefox add-on) do you use?
  • What happened (detailed problem description; how did you proceed; what happened when you did it)?

The more and the more specific information you can send us, the better and faster Support can help you, not matter whether by e-mail or by our chatmail system!

Imprint and Support e-mail addresses