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About the chat rooms

Is there any information available on the rooms, e.g. regular chatters, room-homepage etc.?

In the room list, you can find various information on all the chat rooms.

Click on "Chat" in the navigation. The room list is shown, the sorting of which you can adapt to your requests by means of the drop-down menu. In the individual lines you can find information on the room, on the current amount of chatters online, on the room name and the room topic. Permanent rooms are highlighted in bold, temporary rooms are visible in normal writing. Unlike a permanent room, a temporary room will be closed automatically as soon as the last person has left it. Then the temporary room will also be removed from the room list.

To find further information on the room you are interested in, click on the room symbol at the beginning of the respective line. A window with information on the following aspects will opened.

  • The room's topic (if indicated)
  • Who administers the room, room administrator(s)
  • How many perm-ops the room has (By clicking on them, you can see who they are.)
  • A link to the room's discussion board (if available)
  • A link to the room's homepage (if available)
  • A link to add the room to your room favorites
  • A link to the room administration, if you have the pertinent rights

In order to find out who is currently present in a specific room, click on the figure next to the room symbol displayed in the respective line of the room list.