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What do I need to consider when posting in boards? How do I behave correctly?

For the behavior in boards, especially in terms of etiquette, the same rules apply as to the chat. Be friendly, don't start a row, don't make snide remarks, and don't insult other people. Ignore other users' provocations - so-called board trolls often are only interested in prompting certain reactions by provoking someone badly. Just don't reply to them because attention is exactly what they want. If you ignore them, they will most likely stop pestering you.

If you reply to direct help requests/questions, try to find a solution for the questioner's problem by giving a specific answer. Postings such as "Try the search" or "Try Google" aren't of any use to anybody, but will only make the board more complicated to navigate through. Try to dispense with so-called off-topic postings (i.e. postings which don't belong to the topic) as well as postings such as "I'm of the same opinion"/"I don't think so".

Postings with the following content are expressly prohibited:

  • advertising, commercial intentions (buy/sell, eBay-links or similar)
  • medical questions (due to the danger of wrong advice etc.)
  • personal attacks against other board users
  • references or links to adult-only or other illegal content
  • questions or references related to other persons ("ratting" in the board instead of sending a report to Support)
  • private dialogues/mails

Furthermore, you should bear in mind the following rules:

Write your postings understandably so that the other people are also able to understand what you want to say. They cannot know what you were thinking when writing the text. They just see the final text. Incoherent strings of words, for example, do not constitute an understandable text.

Try to adhere to the basic rules of spelling, grammar and "reader friendliness" when writing a posting. It is quite annoying for a reader to read a text which is brimming over with spelling mistakes, which does not contain a single full stop or comma, which is continuously written in capital letters (e.g. "THIS IS REALLY GETTING ON MY NERVES") or in a mixture of capital and small letters (e.g. "THis iS ReAlLY gEtTinG oN My NeRVes." ). Write your postings either "normally" or only in small letters.

And don't misuse the various types of text formatting in order to "touch up" your postings. That's annoying as well. Postings which only contain huge ASCII "pictures" also constitute a misuse of boards. It is true that those pictures are "designed from text", but the board's original purpose was to conduct discussions. If necessary, restrict yourself to threads which are expressly intended for ASCII "pictures".

Before you open a thread, make sure that there is no other thread for the same topic. If another thread for the same topic already exists, don't open a new thread, but post your text in the existing thread.

Before you open a new poll (as far as this function is available), please think about whether the poll really makes sense. The umpteenth poll on the topic "Which mobile do you prefer?" surely makes no sense. It would only overload the board.

Choose a specific title for your postings, particularly if you open a posting. After all, the other people want to know what your posting is about.

Before you post something, make sure that other people have not already posted the same content. It is very annoying if one always has to read "Yes, I agree" etc. in most of the postings.