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How can I set up my profile (pictures, interests, guestbook etc.)?

What should I know about the pictures?

On the homepage you can find the link "-> Upload photo" on the left below "Commands". The link leads to your picture gallery where you can upload new pictures or administer already uploaded pictures.

On the one hand, you can upload a picture which shows yourself, and on the other, you have the possibility to upload pictures which you may add to your profile's additional pages or to your blog. If you are a VIP, you can upload more pictures than non-VIPs.

All pictures will be screened for the harmlessness of their content and their compliance with our rules after being uploaded. Uploading pictures which are of pornographic or otherwise offensive nature, which glorify violence, violate the copyright law or the personality law, or which are otherwise illegal is prohibited.

If the picture is compliant with our rules, it will be released, and the person will be informed about it via Community-mail. Then the pictures is visible and usable in the Community as well as on the entire Internet.

Please refrain from posing questions like "How long will it take until my picture is released?" or "Why hasn't my picture been released yet?" ! The persons responsible for releasing the pictures will regularly check new pictures to be released. Sometimes, this may take a little longer, or it can be a rather quick affair. Just be a bit patient, and please bear in mind that the persons in charge for releasing the pictures also want to have the weekend off once in a while. And the more pictures are waiting for their release, the longer it will take, of course. The more compliant a picture is with our rules, the faster it can be released, which in turn also accelerates the release process for everyone. Bear that in mind please :-)

If a picture does not comply with our rules, it will be deleted from the server, and the person who uploaded it will be informed.
Please note that the attempt alone to upload criminally relevant pictures, that is in particular extreme right-wing or pornographic pictures involving children, can result in the immediate and permanent ban of the nickname. In particularly serious cases, it can also affect any other nicknames you may have. In this case, all other nicknames would also be banned permanently, irrespective of whether you have done anything wrong using these.
If you are not sure if a picture is ok, you are better off not uploading it instead of complaining after its deletion or even a ban by claiming, "I didn't know that".

Speaking of which: If you want to complain about another person's picture which has been released, or about a picture of yours which has not been released, please contact Support directly, and don't post your complaint on the board.
But before you send an e-mail to Support, make sure that the picture which has been deleted is not subject to one of the reasons mentioned in the chatmail for the rejection of a picture. Be honest with yourself. As such, you will not have any more stress and save Support lots of extra work.

What I must keep in mind when I write to Support

Don't upload a new profile photo every other day only to be at the top of the "People"-ranking in the gallery "Latest photos". This only causes extra work for Support, which has to release all these photos. And it is useless too, as the system's automatic blocking function prevents such photos from being displayed in the gallery anyway.

Attention: If you take part in the photo voting, all the points you have collected will be lost if you upload a new photo!
So think twice as to whether you really want to upload a new picture. To complain afterwards would really make no sense as the points cannot be recovered. In this case, uploading the old photo again will not help either, as the system will not recognize the old photo as such, and will treat it as a new one.

Concerning the problem "How can I convert a picture to a size which can be uploaded at all?", we suggest you simply download our Spinchat.com-photo-upload-program. With this program you can rotate pictures, minimize, or cut them, or upload them to your picture gallery at the push of a button. The same applies to your personal photo, of course.

Alternatively, you can also use your webcam for uploading pictures instead of our photo-upload-program. Then simply click on "-> Upload picture via webcam".