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More information on the different functions

What should I know about photo voting?

The photo voting contains pictures in different categories for voting: You are shown two pictures and you have to decide which of the two you like better by clicking on it.

What do the votes mean?
The number of votes equals the number of duels a picture has been in, and therefore shows how significant the current ranking position is. The ranking position of a picture that has been in 500 such duels is more significant than the ranking position of a picture with 20 votes.

The number of votes does not say how often a picture has been voted the better one - it is normal that pictures with less votes can have a better ranking than pictures with many votes.

I see pictures which I have already voted for again and again
That is absolutely normal and not a bug. In the photo voting a picture is not rated on its own, but always in comparison to other photos. For this reason a vote does not say "This is a good picture!", but "This picture is better than the other one next to it". That's why it is quite common that you see the same picture again, with different other photos. In order to calculate a ranking, the software needs a lot of those comparisons.

I can't decide which one I like better
Have a close look. One of them is better, isn't it? ;-) Unfortunately, in order to get a good quality ranking, we can't provide you with a "next" button to skip a vote.