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What should I know about spinpoints and gifts?

Registered persons will receive one spinpoint when they log in - but only one per day. So, logging in several times a day will not get you more spinpoints. If you have collected more than 50 free spinpoints in your account, you won't receive any more spinpoints for the time being.

Your spinpoint will not be credited to your account immediately after logging in, but on the next day. If you log in today, you will have one more spinpoint tomorrow. The current amount of spinpoints can be viewed on the homepage.

Spinpoints can be traded in for virtual gifts, which can then be given to a friend in the Community. In this way, you make others happy and show them that they are important to you.

There are gifts for different occasions, e.g. a fancy birthday cake, a bunch of roses for a loved person or just a candy for in-between, etc.

The gifts are displayed by means of little graphics in the recipient's profile (unless the recipient has deactivated the display of gifts in his/her profile settings).

Giving a gift
If you want to give another person a gift, you can do that in his/her profile.
Click on the button "Give a gift", and select a suitable gift from the list of all gifts available on the next page.
After that you have the possibility to write the recipient a message, which you can post by clicking on "Send". If you want to make sure that only the recipient can read your message, you can change the settings correspondingly by clicking on the checkbox above the input field.

Receiving a gift
If someone has given you a gift, this will be shown on the homepage under "Gifts".
Click on the information, and you will see your new gifts. You now have the possibility to accept or reject them. Once you have rejected a gift, this will not be shown on your gifts page nor can it be "recovered".
Note: Don't be surprised if a new gift is not added immediately to the total amount of gifts displayed on the homepage. The total amount of gifts only includes gifts accepted by you.

Options for gifts in your profile settings
Here you can, amongst others, decide if your gifts are to be shown in your profile or not. That means that if you opt for the display of your gifts, everyone visiting your profile will be able to see your gifts as well. If you don't display them, only you will be able to see your gifts.
Furthermore, you can decide who will be able give you a gift: everybody, only your friends or nobody.

If you want to, you can also write a text here which will then be displayed on the page on which other persons who want to give you a gift, select this gift.

Questions and answers

I no longer have spinpoints. What next?
In fact, you only have to wait now until you get your next free spinpoint: You will receive one spinpoint each time you log in - but only one per day. So, logging in several times a day will not get you more spinpoints. If you have more than 50 spinpoints on your account, you will not receive any further spinpoints for the time being. Only once you have less than 50 spinpoints on your account, will you again be credited new spinpoints.
Besides, you have the possibility to top up your account even if you already have 50 spinpoints on it: After logging in, you have to click on the spinpoint-symbol on the homepage. Then you can select one of the available packages.
You can also become a VIP for a few months. Then you will be credited several spinpoints as bonus. For six months you will receive 10 spinpoints, and for 12 months 25 spinpoints. If you opt for a standing order, you will get 10 spinpoints after your account has been debited for the the third successful time.

Do I also get an "account statement"?
Yes. Just click on the spinpoint-symbol on the homepage after logging in. On the page then displayed, you will see your current account balance as well as a link for topping up your spinpoint account. Besides, you can also see a list of the gifts you have recently given, together with the information as to whether the recipients have already accepted or rejectd your gifts.

Can I also give spinpoints as a gift?

I would like to give someone a gift worth more than 50 spinpoints. Is that possible?
Yes. But as you cannot use only your free spinpoints for such a gift, you have to top up your spinpoint account. In order to top up your account, just click on the spinpoint symbol on the homepage after logging in.

Do I get back my spinpoints if the recipient rejects my gift or just does not log in for a very long time?

I have given someone a gift by accident. What next?
You cannot undo the act of giving a gift once you have clicked on "Send". But you could send the respective person a Community-Mail about this...
Independent of this, it is not possible to get back the spinpoints spent for the gift.

Somebody tells me that he/she has given me a gift. But I cannot see the gift on my gifts page. What next?
You first have to accept your new gift before you can see it in your profile. In order to accept the gift, go to the homepage and click on the link for new gifts...

I have accepted a gift given to me by another person, but I no longer like it. Can I delete it?
Yes. In order to delete the gift, you have to activate the checkbox in front of the respective gift on your gifts page, and then click on "Delete marked entries" at the bottom of the page. But please bear in mind that once you have deleted a gift, you cannot restore it again!

Can I delete all the gifts from a certain person all at once?
Indirectly. If you really want to do this, you can delete all the gifts from a specific person on one page by first activating the checkboxes in front of his/her gifts, and then by clicking on the respective button at the bottom of the page to delete them. If the person's gifts are displayed on several pages, you have to follow the above-mentioned process on each of the pertinent pages.

I have given someone a gift, but cannot see the gift on the recipient's gifts page. What next?
The recipient first has to accept his/her new gift before it is displayed on his/her gifts page. Maybe he/she doesn't want his/her gifts to be displayed publicly in his/her profile, though.

If I change my nickname, I will keep my gifts, won't I?

Can I transfer gifts to another nickname?
No, that is no longer possible.

If you have problems or further questions, please contact Support.
If you do this, you have to enter certain information in your mail to the Support! The more detailed information you send to Support right away, the better and faster Support will be able to help you!

Please include the following information in your e-mail to Support:

  • What nickname you are referring to?
  • What happened (detailed problem description; how did you proceed; what happened when doing that)?

Please read here what else is to be considered when writing to Support.

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