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I have problems with the payment.

I have problems with payment by money transfer.

Important information

If you want to pay from a non-EU country, you should choose another payment method
Transfers from a non-EU country (and currently, this also includes Switzerland!) can get very expensive due to incurring fees charged by the banks involved. Therefore we do not even offer this possibility to you any more.
Of course, we cannot prevent you from clicking a false place of residence when ordering - but different kinds of high fees will be charged for international credit transfers that are directed to Germany from non-EU countries. They are fees that have to be paid from the remittor (thus possibly you) or that have to be paid by the recipient (thus possibly us) unless otherwise stated by the remittor. This would result in the fact that the amount to be paid by you will not arrive in full on our account. And then we would have to transfer the money back to you and this would cost you and us high fees again and you would not have the service you ordered in the Community either. And even if the amount you have to pay arrived on ouraccount, the transfer would cost you almost twice as much as the service you ordered...So, please use the payment methods we offer for your place of residence, in your own interest as well.

Do not "simply" transfer money
To order services (for instance VIP activation), please do not "simply" transfer money without being asked to do so, but please always order the process via the Community by clicking through the relevant pages there. For example, our account details may change, and we also do not know which nickname we have to allocate the money to - no matter if you have thought of a purpose of transfer which, in your opinion, is meaningful. In this case, we would have to transfer the money back to you.

Pay attention during online banking
For most online banking systems, there is the possibility of saving the data of all transfers executed. You can then use the data for the next transfer to this recipient without having to enter them again. In many systems, this function is called "transfer template", but it may also be called, for instance, "order template" or "recipient list" by other banks.
You do not need this function in order to transfer money to us. You only need a normal transfer form in which you enter the requested data correctly.
However, if you use such a function please check - if you have saved our data in such a template - that you always check for any new transfer to us whether the bank details and purpose of transfer are exactly the same as the ones we include in the e-mail concerning your current order! If this is not the case, please at all costs always enter the bank details and the purpose of transfer that are listed in the e-mail concerning your current order in the online banking form
Bank details can, for instance, change from time to time. The purpose of transfer that is to be entered differs from one order to another.

Questions and answers

Which bank details do I have to use for transfers?
You will receive the details you need automatically as soon as your order is being processed. After you have ordered, for instance, a VIP and have chosen the payment method "transfer", the details as well as a detailed description of the process will be sent to you automatically via e-mail during the ordering process.

I have transferred the money but I have not yet received the service yet.
This can be due to two factors: Either the long processing times of the banks involved, or you may have something to do with it.

In terms of the processing times of the banks, we cannot influence this; different banks take different times to transfer money from one bank to another. Besides, there can also be weekends and national holidays in-between. Normally, we provide our services (for example VIP activation) within at least three working days, usually around 5 "normal" days, when using the payment method "transfer".

Did you enter the correct bank details?
If not, we have naturally not received any money because the target address was not entered correctly. Thus, we could not provide the service you wanted (for instance VIP activation).
But your money has not been lost or anything like that. Your bank will realize when trying to transfer money to the account number you entered that the details are not correct. They will then either leave the money on your account right away or re-credit it to you. This depends on your bank. Please ask them as we do not know anything about this process.

Did you indicate the correct purpose of transfer?
It is at all costs essential to indicate the correct purpose of transfer exactly the way we told you via e-mail along with the order confirmation! Otherwise we cannot allocate your transfer.
If you indicate the correct purpose of transfer, everything will work out automatically and very quickly. But if you indicate the wrong purpose of transfer, for instance, if you add information such as your nickname and the like, we cannot allocate the process automatically and processing will take much longer than usual as someone has to find out manually which order the nickname and the order belong to. At the end of the day, your money is to benefit your nickname.
We might not even be able to allocate the money received and have to transfer it back. In this case, we cannot provide the service you wanted (for example VIP activation) either.

What do IBAN and SWIFT-BIC mean?
An IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is a normal account number in its international orthography, at least for European payment transactions. The max. 34-digit number that identifies any account in the participating European countries is composed of codes that designate country code, check digit, bank code and account number.
At the moment, when making international payment transfers, IBAN can only be indicated additionally as not all international banks are able to process IBAN. Usually, SWIFT-BIC has to be indicated additionally in the payment order.
SWIFT-BIC (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications-Bank Identifier Code) describes a worldwide communication systems of banks. No money is transferred but only information concerning certain processes. The 8- or 11-digit code is composed of codes that designate bank, country, location and branch. Due to its uniqueness, SWIFT-BIC is also used as a kind of international bank code.
Further information: zur IBAN findest du hier and zum SWIFT-BIC hier.

There are no fields for IBAN and SWIFT-BIC in my transfer form.
If you transfer from Germany to us, you do not have to indicate our IBAN and our SWIFT-BIC.
If you would like transfer from European countries that take part in IBAN/SWIFT-BIC to us here in Germany, you have to indicate IBAN and SWIFT-BIC, otherwise additional charges could be incurred by you; you will find the IBAN/SWIFT-BIC details below the usual account details in the e-mail containing the order confirmation. Please ask your bank whether there is another form for international payment transfers. If you want to use online banking, please check whether there is another link/another form for it. If not, please use another payment method.

My bank has charged me high fees for the transfer to you! How could this happen?
If you would like to transfer money to SPiN from European countries that take part in IBAN/SWIFT-BIC, this is normally free of charge.
However, you have to indicate our IBAN and our SWIFT-BIC at all costs when transferring the money; you will find these details below the usual account details in the e-mail containing the order confirmation.
If you do not indicate IBAN and SWIFT-BIC, your bank could raise additional charges for the transfer. We do not any influence over this.
If you would like to transfer money from a European country that takes part in IBAN/SWIFT-BIC and if you then indicate IBAN and SWIFT-BIC correctly, and you still have to pay extra charges, you should, at all costs, check with your bank - as it is allowed to apply charges to international payments but only up to the same amount as for a normal transfer within your country.
If you would like to transfer money from a country that does not take part in IBAN/SWIFT-BIC or if your bank is not able to process IBAN and SWIFT-BIC, please use another payment method.

I would like to pay via transfer now and again. But this payment method is not being offered to me!
The accounting expenses make only sense when they exceed a certain level, therefore we do not offer transfer as a payment method for every order.

I have questions concerning my transfer.
Follow the instructions you received with the e-mail containing the order confirmation. It contains everything, for example, which data you have to send to Support if you have questions. Without these data, it is time-consuming to make enquiries about a process. In many cases, we do not even have the possibility of finding the relevant order without these data.

If you do not have the e-mail containing the order confirmation any more, please send at all costs at least the following information to Support:

  • For which nickname was the service (for example VIP activation) ordered?
  • What exactly did you order (for example VIP activation for 6 months)?
  • Which amount was transferred?
  • What was the purpose of transfer you indicated?
  • What is the name of the person that made the transaction?
  • What are the bank details (account number, bank code) of the person that made the transaction?

Please read here what else is to be considered when writing to Support.

Imprint and Support e-mail addresses