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What do I need to consider when registering?

  • Don't use "joint" e-mail addresses.
  • Don't use "joint" nicknames.
  • Don't tell anybody the password for your nickname.

Why all this? Because doing all these things will still sooner or later lead to problems:

If you borrow or "share" an e-mail address or even the nickname from someone, e.g. from your best friend, this person will also have access to the nick. This is not good because you can never say for how long such a relationship of mutual trust will last, and then your formerly best friend has access to your account...

Possible consequences:

  • The nickname's password can be changed, and if nobody informs you about such a change, you won't have access to the nickname anymore.
  • The e-mail address via which the nickname is registered can be changed. Then you won't have access to the nickname anymore.
  • The nickname can be deleted.
  • The profile can be amended randomly, including to your disadvantage, without you having any influence on it.
  • "Your" nickname can be used for mischief of all kinds: e.g. for writing other people, including your friends, mean entries in their guestbook, for writing them mean chatmails, for harassing others - including your friends - in the chat, or for reading your private chatmails, etc.
    All in all, there are manifold possibilities to violate the Terms of Use using your nickname. Something which can end in a ban for your nickname...
  • Your"partner" may order e.g. a VIP-membership or spinpoints without you knowing about it. Then you will be completely surprised when you e.g. get an e-mail with a payment order.

So, think twice about whether you really want to run such a risk.


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