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Protection of Minors

Information for adults

Being an adult, you should really think twice whether it is really necessary for you to address teenagers or children. You do live in a completely different world than they do, even if that is not obvious to you. Children and teenagers should have the chance to become independent on their own and to enjoy their own youth, without being contacted by adults who force them into things.

If you have just turned 18, 19, 20, please keep in mind how substantial the age difference can still be. A person your age might be on a par, but just because you maybe don't have a chance with people of your age, it is not a trivial offense to always contact younger people until you end up with someone who is 12 years old. You surely really don't need an ego-boost by having a child who doesn't know any better adoring you or even satisfying you sexually.

We and the state do not find it funny at all if adults try to involve children or teenagers in discussions about sex, to worm photos out of them or to talk them into meetings. If we catch you doing things like that, you do not only risk being banned from spinchat all your life, but you also risk a jail sentence. Sexual contact with children under the age of 14 is considered child abuse, no matter you how much you talk yourself into believing that the child was curious or wanted it. Sexual contacts with people that are under 16 years of age is considered the seduction of minors. Role plays with people under the age of 18, the transfer of pornographic pictures and the like is also liable to prosecution.

If you are an adult who "means well": Do not talk children and teenagers into meeting you or the like just to show them how unsafe this is. You only subject yourself to very bad suspicion and you will not reach anything in the end. By the way, criminals have also used this as an excuse. Forget about it. Even if this really was your intention: No one will ever believe you, so just let it be.

By the way, the same applies to adults who pretend to be children or teenagers, and want to "investigate": You are making it hard for us to try to uncover and get rid of dangerous people. In your opinion, how can we differentiate between an adult who pretends to be a child in order to chat them up and one who pretends to be a child in order to convict a potential criminal? It is not possible, and it only makes our job harder, and, when in doubt, it is you who will be under suspicion. By the way, the problem is being aggravated by the following: It is exactly these striking child nicks that adults like using which lure - when used often - real sexual offenders as they sense helpless victims.