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What do the logos such as "admin" and "mod" which are shown in the profiles of some people mean?

An administrator is a SPiN employee or another person who is authorized to speak on our behalf and is, in a certain sense, the "highest" operator, moderator etc. With respect to a serious violation of the Terms of Use, a person may be blocked/banned by an admin, i.e. excluded permanently from the Community.
A server operator (short: server-op) is a registered person who has more extensive rights in chats. With these rights, he may send individual people out of a chatroom, amongst others, temporarily block a specific Internet access for a chatroom, and expel individual people totally from the Community - hence from the server - and block/ban them for 24 hours. Server-ops are not employees of spinchat.com.
You can find more information on operators and chat rules here... and here...
A moderator is, in a certain sense, an operator in the boards and ensures that everything is kept in order. He can close and delete threads as well as block individual entries, i.e.. "hide" them from the readers, if they contain violations of our Terms of Use. Only moderators in official spinchat.com boards receive this logo - moderators in chatroom boards do not. Moderators are not employees of spinchat.com.
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