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Game rules


Aim of the game
The aim of the game is to bring the 4 game figures away from the home field into the safety of the target field as quickly as possible. The special fun factor here is that the figures can be thrown out by the other players during their journey, and, of course, that you can throw out the figures of the other players yourself as well.

Select a color with which you would like to play by clicking on "Join in game" on the corresponding home field.
If there are no other players, you can create computer players (AIs) via the system. In order to do that, click on "Game" in the menu and then on "Insert AI". You can create up to three AIs to play with you.
In order to start the game, click on "Game" in the menu and then on "Start game".

In order to start to move a figure, you have to throw a 6.

To throw dice, click on the die in the middle of the playing field as soon as "GO" appears on it.

As long as you still have figures on your home field, moving them away from the home field always takes priority over throwing out the figures of your opponents and bringing your own figures into the safety of the target field.
As long as you still have all your figures on the home field, you are allowed to throw the dice up to 3x; if you already have one figure on the playing field, only 1x.
As soon as you have thrown a 6, you may or must throw the dice 1x again. This applies to moving your figures away from the home field as well as to moving them on the playing field.
You have to move away from the gray starting field as long as you still have figures on the home field. Moving away then takes priority over starting to move, throwing out other figures and bringing your own into safety. If you no longer have any figures on the home field, moving away is no longer a must.

In order to move your figures after throwing the dice, click on the blue symbol with the small arrow. If several of your figures are on the playing field, click on the desired figure.
You can also jump over other figures.

Throwing out and placing figures
Directly after throwing dice, one figure has to be placed. If more than one figure can be "thrown out", the figure to be thrown out can be chosen freely by the player.

Bringing into safety
In the target fields, you cannot jump over figures; you can only move them there.
Only after every figure which is currently on the playing field is located on the target field can the dice be thrown 3x again to continue.

The player who brings all his figures first to the target field is the winner.

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