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Game rules


Chess is one of the oldest strategy games in the world; it stems originally from Persia (today's Iran). Since the exact rules of the game are well-known and, moreover, very comprehensive, these information are geared more towards using the game here.

You have two possibilities to move the figures:

  • By clicking on the start and end spaces
  • By moving the figure onto the end space (Drag&Drop)

The figure you choose to move will be framed in red. This marking will disappear as soon as you move the mouse away from the chess board, select another figure (exception: castling) or click on the figure again. Space onto which the figure can be moved will be marked green under the mouse. In this regard, only spaces onto which the figure can be moved are meant; if this means that your own king would be in check, this will be shown only after the move is attempted.
The move made last will be marked with the start and end spaces (dark-red and dark green).

In order to castle, you exchange the positions of the king and the rook. If you want to move only one of the figures instead, you simply have to move the mouse shortly to the right outside of the game-board or select another figure in between.
Castling is not possible under the following circumstances:

  • King or rook has been moved already
  • The path between both the figures is not free
  • Of the three spaces on which the king moves, he is threatened on at least one of them (check).

Transforming the pawn
If a pawn has reached the first row of the opponent's side, he has to be transformed into a rook, knight, bishop or queen. To do this, you simply click on the desired figure in the menu which appears right after the move of the figure in the middle of the field. In actual fact, the move is only completed after the transformation of the figure.

You can offer your opponent a draw at any time by simply selecting the corresponding item in the menu. Your opponent can accept your offer during the game in the same manner and the game will end undecided. There is no automatic draw.

You may surrender at any time. You can do this by simply selecting the corresponding item in the menu.

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