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Game rules


Aim of the game
The aim of the game is to collect specific combinations of points using a maximum of three throws within 13 rounds of throws, and to enter these into a game booklet.

Prepare game
After opening the game, click on "Join in game". If you have opened the game, click on "Start game".
You can throw the dice using the button "Throw dice".

Throw dice
A game consists of 13 rounds of throws altogether. You have to throw the dice three times with 5 dice per round. The points have to be entered into the game booklet after the third throw in every round at the latest.

After every throw, you can decide which dice you want to keep and which you want to throw again in order to improve your result. If you are satisfied after the first throw, you can enter your points immediately without having to throw again, although you would be allowed to.
You can mark the dice that you want to keep in the game booklet by clicking once on the corresponding die/dice. After that, simply click on "Throw dice" again. In order to cancel the marking of a die, if necessary, because you another collection strategy may have arisen for this round, you simply click 1x on this die.

Entering points:
In order to do this, simply click on the corresponding button, e.g. on "3s" to count all the threes on the dice. All the categories which can be entered can be recognized by the dark color of the button. The categories count as follows:

"1s" to "6es":
Dice throws with the same number are counted e.g. all "3s". If you throw, for example, three "3s", you receive a total of 9 points in the "3s" space.

As soon as you reach 63 or more points in the upper part of the game booklet (1s to 6es), you automatically get a bonus of 35 points. Hence, it's really worth throwing as many 3s, 4s and 5s as possible.

All dice are counted as long as three dice show the same number.

All dice are counted as long as four dice show the same number.

You get 25 points when three dice show the same number and the other two dice show another number, e.g. three "3s" and two "5s".

Small straight:
You get 30 points if you throw four dice which show consecutive numbers, e.g. "1", "2", "3", "4", or "2", "3", "4", "5".

Big straight:
You get 40 points if you the dice you throw show consecutive numbers, e.g. "1", "2", "3", "4", "5".

You get 50 points if all the dice you throw show the same number, e.g. five "3s".
If you throw a second "spiffel", you can enter this either in the upper area of "1s" and "6es", or in an appropriate field in the lower area, and receive the full number of points amounting to 100 additional points there, which, however, are added only at the end of the game to the current final result.
Any additional "spiffels" will not bring you any further points and can only be entered into the appropriate category in the upper or lower area.

All the numbers shown by the dice count. You could take the chance, for example, with a throw which does not fit into any category to at least count the thrown numbers.

If a throw does not fit into any category, or if you want to "hold onto " a category for strategic reasons, you can "delete" one of the other remaining categories. Of course, you will not get any points for this throw. In order to delete, simply click on the corresponding button. "XXX" will be entered automatically.

Final result
After finishing the 13 rounds of throws, the final result will be shown in the game booklet at the bottom where the "points" appear. The final result comprise the normal final result plus any additional points of a second "spiffel".

Whoever has the highest number of points in the end is the winner.

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