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Game rules


The goal of the game is to sink all of your opponent's ships before your own fleet is sunk.

It's phia's turn. She has already sunk two of AI Player's ships (four spaces and five spaces) and has hit a
third ship twice. He has sunk one of her ships (four spaces) and has hit her length 5 ship once already.

Placing ships
Both players have to secretly place their 5 ships in the left field.
You can turn around your ships by clicking on the space bar or the rotation symbol on the bottom right. Ships can touch each other, but they can't occupy the same space or hang over the grid of the blue field. When all ships are placed, click on "ready". The positions of the ships can't be changed any more now. When both players have clicked "ready", the game begins.

Firing at a ship
The left field is the field with your own ships, the right field is the one with your opponent's ships. If it's your turn (symbolized by the illumination of the sonar display), you can fire a shot to attack enemy ships by choosing any of your opponent's squares that hasn't been hit yet.
If you hit a ship, the hit is shown on the sonar display and you can fire again. As soon as the opponent's ship is sunk, the ship will be visible on the sonar display, so that you see what kind of ship you sunk.

The opponent's hits are shown in the blue field: either as miss (blue) or as explosion if the opponent has hit one of your ships.

Whoever sinks all his opponent's ships first is the winner.

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