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Game rules

Chain Reaction

Aim of the game
Chain Reaction is a game principle from the early eighties, during which it was implemented in manifold variations on many computers (Atari 1020, C64, Amiga...). This variation is, of course, the best ;-)

Game progression
Each player places one stone alternately. You can place the stones only on empty fields or on fields with your own stones. The maximum number of stones each field may contain is shown by the points in gray. Should this number of stones be exceeded, the stones will be distributed to all the adjoining fields and transform the color of the stones there into their own color. As such, you can trigger of a chain reaction with which you can remove your opponent's stones from the playing field using lots of tricks.

Using your mouse, you can read what you are allowed to do on the current space:

  • Normal: The space belongs to your opponent; you cannot do anything here
  • Hand: You can place a stone here without anything happening
  • Crosshair: The space only needs one more stone; then it will explode
  • Hour-glass: Either a chain reaction is taking place, or your opponent has not finished yet

Game variations

  • Normal: All the stones which have been placed remain on the field.
    If, during a chain reaction, a space receives more stones than necessary to start the explosion, these excess stones will be distributed to the neighboring spaces.

  • Limited: During explosions, any excess stones will be deleted.
    Fields explode with just as many stones as is required, even if a space is overloaded due to a chain reaction.