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Game rules


Aim of the game
Mancala is a popular game particularly in Africa, Asia and the Caribbean. Mostly, beans are used as playing stones, which is why the games is also known as the "bean game".
The aim of the game is to move as many playing stones as possible (however, a min. of 37) into you own collecting pit.

Game set-up
The playing field is a long board with six playing pits on each longitudinal side. One storage pit each can be found on the left and right for the stones won, the so-called Kalah. This is empty at the beginning of the game. 3-8 stones may be found in each of the playing pits. The player's own Kalah are to be found on the right of the respective player.

Beginning the game and moving
The players move alternately and according to the following rules:
The first player takes out all six stones from a playing pit on his side and places one stone in each of the following pits. Here, he proceeds in a clockwise direction and will eventually also place stones in the pits of his opponent. The opponent's Kalah is left out. The opponent proceeds in the same manner and distributes all the stones from his pits. The player can move again when the last stone of a move lands in his own Kalah.

If the player places the last stone in an empty pit on his half, he may take these stones and those of his opponent from the pit on the other side and place these in his Kalah. At least one stone must remain on the opposing side so that that player may continue to play.

End of game
If no stone remains on the opposing side, the other player may place all his stones in his Kalah. As such, the game ends. Now, all the stones have to be counted, and whoever has the most (however, at least 37) is the winner.

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