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Game rules

9 Men's Morris

9 Men's Morris is a very well-known and popular game which came to Central Europe from Asia and Egypt via Greece and Italy more than 1000 years ago probably originating from India.

Game set-up
The game is played on a board which includes three squares of various sizes interlinked with each other, which are connected to each other horizontally and vertically via four lines. This results in crossovers and corners.

Game progression
Every player has nine playing stones, either black or white. White opens the game. The aim of the game is to take all your opponent's stones.

At the beginning, each player takes turns to place a stone on a crossover or corner.

If one players has three stones in a row either horizontally or vertically, this is called "Mill".
After completing a Mill, the player may take away any one stone from his opponent. However, he may not destroy any possible Mill on the part of his opponent, unless there is no other stone available. For every Mill the player may take away only one stone from his opponent, and has to complete a new Mill before being able to take away another opposing stone.

After having placed all nine stones, the player may start moving to either the next unoccupied corner or crossover. He may not jump over any stones.
If the player has only three stones remaining, he may, during his move, place his stone anywhere on the playing field.

As soon as his opponent has only two stones on the board, the player has won the game.

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