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Game rules


Aim of the game
As with our single-player variation Tebrix, you have to try to put together the various block forms using skillful combination in order to set up complete rows of blocks and hence remove them, before you reach the top edge of the playing field with you wall of blocks. In addition, you have to compete against up to five opponents and, moreover, even deal with so-called special blocks.

Game progression
As soon as at least two "normal" block rows are cleared at the same time, special blocks come into play.
A special block appears in an arbitrary position on your own playing field, and as soon as you have cleared a row which contains such a block, this block will be transferred to your own stock.
There are so-called good and bad blocks. Normally, you should place the good ones in your own playing field, and the bad ones in your opponent's field.
Depending on where you want to place the next special block, whether in your own playing field or in your opponent's, you can do this either by pressing the corresponding playing field number (1 - max. 6 / works only with a "normal" keyboard, not with the number lock) on the keyboard, or simply by clicking on the corresponding playing field with the mouse.
The special blocks will be automatically placed in a row (starting with the first on the left) in the order that they come in. The newest one is always on the far left, the oldest on the far right.
So, in order to place a special block, simply press the desired playing field number or click on the desired playing field. The system will automatically place the first special block in your own stock in the selected playing field.

The special blocks are as follows:

Bad blocks

A - add row
With this, an arbitrarily broken row will be inserted at the lower edge of the selected playing field.

B - remove all specials
With this, all the special blocks of the selected playing field will be transformed into normal blocks.

O - block bomb
With this, you can "ignite" all the block-bomb blocks which are marked "O" in a selected playing field, whereby the surrounding blocks will be distributed wildly throughout the entire playing field.

Q - arbitrary row-drift
With this, you can bring about a shift of the blocks in all the currently available rows in a selected playing field.

R - arbitrarily remove 10 blocks
With this, you can have the system arbitrarily remove 10 blocks from the currently available rows in a selected playing field.

Good blocks

C - delete row
With this, you can remove the lowest row in the selected playing field.

G - gravitation (let the blocks fall)
With this, you can let the blocks in the selected playing field fall into the available gaps; consequently, all the rows thus completed will be promptly removed.

N - new start (delete everything)
With this, you can remove all the blocks in the selected playing field.

S - exchange fields
With this, you can exchange the content of your own field with that of a selected one; your own special blocks which have already been collected will be retained.

The player whose wall of blocks reaches the upper edge of the playing field last or who is still playing when all the other players have reached the upper edge with their walls of blocks is the winner.

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