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Game rules

Mau Mau

Mau Mau is a card game where two up to six players try to be the first to lose all their cards. There are some special cards in the game that can e.g. reverse the direction of play or make the following player draw additional cards from the draw pile.

Play cards
In order to play a card it has to be of the same suit (e.g. clubs) or the same value (e.g. king) as the foregoing one on the discard pile. An exception is the jack: If you play a jack, you can choose which suit will be played. You can't play a jack on a jack.

If you can't or don't want to discard, you have to draw a card from the draw pile. Play the drawn card if you can or skip your turn. If there are less cards on the draw pile than you'd have to draw, you get the available cards from the draw pile but you are not allowed to discard.

It's phia's turn. The card on top of the discard pile is the ace of clubs.
She can either discard the king of clubs or play one of the jacks. Or she could draw a card.

If you have discarded all your cards, you get points for all of the opponents' remaining hand cards. You can see the corresponding values in the table below:

  • 5 points for ace
  • 4 points for king, queen, jack and 10
  • 3 points for 9
  • 2 points for 8
  • 1 point for 7

When all but one players have discarded their cards, the player with the most points wins.

Special Cards
Some cards are special:

  • jack - Announce a suit. You can't play a jack on a jack
  • 9 - reverse direction. If there are only two players, you can play another card.
  • 8 - Skip a turn. You can avert this by playing an 8 yourself.
  • 7 - The following player has to draw 2 (or more) cards. If he/she can also discard a 7, the number of cards to be drawn is doubled to 4, if the next player plays an additional 7 it is doubled to 8 and with the 4th 7 on the table the following player has to draw 16 cards.

Special Rule

  • Announce - When you only have one card left you have to say Mau and before discarding your last card don't forget to say Mau-Mau, otherwise you have to draw a card.

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