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What are tags?

Tags are keywords with which you can categorize yourself or your entries. If you include tags and interests in your own profile, other people with similar interests can find you more easily. You can also use tags to categorize your own pictures, blog-entries, entries on events. With most functions of this kind, you can enter a list of tags, each separated by a comma.

Tags make the most sense when as many people as possible use the same tags. So use short terms which accurately describe what you mean, and do not decorate them with smileys or anything similar as the search will no longer function then. Do not write full sentences ("I like...", "This is ..."), but simply use catchwords.

In the rare cases in which you may want to use tags which themselves contain commas (e.g. book and film titles), you have to set the entire tag within quotation marks.

Please note: When you tag your pictures, they become a part of our search function, i.e. everybody can find them via a search, even if they may currently not be integrated into your profile.