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Picture credits/program credits

Picture credits
Most of the pictures and icons used, particularly the gift-pictures, are protected by copyright by Spin AG. Parts of the graphics formatting were done by the agency soloTM on our behalf.

Further pictures
© altec5 - Fotolia.com
© hannahfelicity - Fotolia.com
© Sylwia Nowik - Fotolia.com
© Jose Gil - Fotolia.com
© Flamingo-Design - Fotolia.com
© Flamingo-Design - Fotolia.com
© Kirsty Pargeter - Fotolia.com
© Kirsty Pargeter - Fotolia.com
© Kirsty Pargeter - Fotolia.com
© iStockPhoto.com / A-Digit
© iStockPhoto.com / MarsBars

Open-source libraries used
jQuery (MIT License)
Base.js by Dean Edwards (MIT License)
jQuery.ScrollTo, jQuery.LocalScroll, jQuery.SerialScroll by Ariel Flesler (MIT License)
jQuery.Preload by Ariel Flesler (MIT License)
hoverIntent by Brian Cherne (MIT License)
bgIframe by Brandon Aaron (MIT License)
Easing Equations by Robert Penner (BSD License)
jQuery.ColorPicker by Stefan Petre (MIT License)
soundManager 2 by Scott Schiller (BSD License)
jquery Tags Input by XOXCO, Inc. (MIT License)