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I have problems with the payment.

I have problems with payment via Paysafecard.

Do you have questions concerning payment via Paysafecard? Please read here how it works:

In order to pay via Paysafecard in the Community you have to buy a Paysafecard at one of the many sales shops (it is either a real card or a machine print-out, depending on the shop). The cards are available for EUR 10, 25, 50 and 100. The Paysafecard system is a prepaid-payment system, wherebyThe amounts to be paid are simply debited to your Paysafecard.

First of all: What is a PIN code?
A PIN code is a kind of code number that is shown either at the back your Paysafecard or at the front of your machine print-out. You have to enter this number on the payment page in order to authorize the payment of, for instance, VIP or spinpoints and to have it debited from your card.
In order to protect your Paysafecard from unauthorized use, you can tag it with a password. To do so, please click on http://www.paysafecard.com/uk/ on the menu item "password protection" in the credit balance check.

If you plan on paying via Paysafecard in the Community, it is really simple:
Select payment method "Paysafecard", enter the PIN code of your Paysafecard on the payment page that appears now, accept the General Terms and Conditions of Paysafecard and click on "Pay now". Afterwards, you will receive an overview of the amount due that is reserved for payment as well as an overview of your remaining credit balance. Click on "Ok" in order to complete the payment process.

By the way, the Paysafecard does not only pay off for the Community but also for many other websites. You can find further information here Paysafecard.

Questions and answers

Where do I get a Paysafecard?
The card is available in drugstores and gas stations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and many other countries in Europe. You will find a complete overview of all sales shops here: Sales outlets.

How can I find out how much credit balance I have left on my Paysafecard?
Just go to http://www.paysafecard.com/uk/ and click on "Credit balance" in the menu.

Can my Paysafecard credit balance expire?
No Your Paysafecard does not have a restricted validity period; hence, your credit balance cannot expire.

What can I do with a remaining credit balance on my Paysafecard / How can I pay an amount that is higher than the credit balance on my Paysafecard?
You can combine up to ten Paysafecards per payment process and so you can pay amounts up to a maximum of EUR 1,000. In order to do this, please click on "Enter more PINs!".

My PIN code does not work.
Have you really entered the PIN code exactly the way it is shown on your card? Try again.
If this does not help either, please contact Support.
If you do this, you have to enter certain information in your mail to the Support! The more detailed information you send to Support right away, the better and faster Support will be able to help you!

Please include the following information in your e-mail to Support:

  • Which nickname is referred to?
  • When did you try to pay (date/approx. time)?
  • What is the PIN code that is shown on your card/your machine print-out?
  • What happened (detailed problem description; how did you proceed; what happened when doing that)?

Please read here what else is to be considered when writing to Support.

Imprint and Support e-mail addresses