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I have problems with the payment.

I have problems with paying via Credit Card.

Do you have questions concerning payment via credit card? Please read here how exactly it works:

Select payment method "credit card", then select the credit card provider that appears on the payment page and then enter the relevant data from your credit card into the fields and click on "Send" - finished. The credit card will be charged at the time of purchase.

Questions and answers

What is a validation number and where do I find it?
The so-called Card Validation Code (CVC) is used for security reasons and should prevent people from using stolen or falsified data. By using this, code it is checked whether the person who wants to pay with a certain credit card is indeed in possession of this card and has it in front of him/her.

The method that is mostly used at the moment is CVC2 or CID (Card Identification) - it is a three- or four-digit number combination that is printed on the card in addition to the data on the card such as credit card number, name etc.

MasterCard, VISA, Diners Club (CVC2):
On these cards, it is the last three digits of the number in signature field on the back of the card.

AmericanExpress (CID):
For this card, it is a four-digit number on the right above the credit card number on the front of the card.

You can find further information concerning the validation code here http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Card_Validation_Code|.

Will my credit card details be transferred safely?
Yes. All our payment pages (and the payment pages of Qenta) are supported via https. The lock symbol that can usually be seen on such pages in the address line of the browser is not shown because the payment pages are opened in a frame of Spinchat.com and the "main frame" is not supported by https.

My credit card details are not accepted.
Have you chosen the correct credit card provider? Try again.
Have you really entered the details exactly the way they are shown on your card? Try again.
Is your credit card still valid? Please check again, just to be on the safe side.
If this does not help either, please contact Support.
If you do this, you have to enter certain information in your mail to the Support! The more detailed information you send to Support right away, the better and faster Support will be able to help you!

Please include the following information in your e-mail to Support:

  • Which nickname is referred to?
  • When did you try to pay (date/approx. time)?
  • What happened (detailed problem description; how did you proceed; what happened when doing that)?

Please read here what else is to be considered when writing to Support.

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