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I've found myself, sometimes very unwillingly, embroiled in various discussions and debates since our election last Tues. My opinions and feelings have been attacked over and over. I've been called " ignorant" by people, unbelievably uninformed, and in a very few cases, I've been agreed with . And to you I say THANK YOU! I'm posting this NOT to get those who disagree, to agree with me. I know you won't,, but I've been asked over and over how someone as " intelligent' as I am, can voice opinions "so ignorant". I've been asked this by some very sincere people, but also by people who obviously have done WAY less research on Donald Trump than I have. I've been attacked by people who it appears have never listened to a single speech he's made. These people seem to have voted for him for limited reasons, and I guess don't care about the hatred he's spewed about other races, other religions, legal immigrants he wants to send " home" , or his disregard and outright disdain, not to mention utter disrespect, for those of my gender. I've tried to explain why I'm SO completely appalled by his views and his total lack of competency to handle the job he's now been elected to. Being a "Baby Boomer" , there is one part of this man's dissertation I take exception with, that being his claim that Baby Boomers are all criticizing the current protestors. Many of us in fact totally understand WHY they're out there and completely support those who are protesting peacefully! Other than that I post this to attempt to explain, ONE MORE TIME, why I'm so appalled with the man that less than half of our populace voted for, but due to the electoral process here, we're stuck with.. Saddens me, and quite frankly terrifies me, greatly..

Episode 32- Buyer's remorse
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