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"Relations should be taken seriously"

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There are different kinds of relations first with a life time agreement they are blood relations .

Blood relations never gets broken just some tough times or misunderstandings creates a distance between these relations.

The other one is also with a certificate but easily gets destroyed is marriage , some of the marriages stays forever and all the credit goes to those married couples who give all their efforts to keep their marriages forever, and some of the marriages gets destroyed easily and all is to blamed are the married couples who easily let's it destroyed .

The last one which has no certificate no guarantee is a love relation , all it depends how you take it, and how you go through it , if you calculate your ideas and the person before you go for it , the relation has more chances to last long ,But if you go for it first and then calculate your ideas and the person, then you makes a wrong decision , and you put you and your partner in a big trouble , you both builds a strong expectations and gets hurt when you see you made a wrong choice .

October 18th, 2016 20:22
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