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just cause it was funny... or at least I laughed

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italianbig.banana: hi

italianbig.banana: :)

italianbig.banana: my cousin works in canada

italianbig.banana: he says its beautiful

italianbig.banana: :)

37angel37: Just on his street or everywhere?

italianbig.banana: everywhere

italianbig.banana: :)

italianbig.banana: im luca

italianbig.banana: from italy

italianbig.banana: 35

italianbig.banana: u

37angel37: Oh.. he didn't look here I guess

italianbig.banana: u married?

37angel37: No

italianbig.banana: im single too

italianbig.banana: :)

italianbig.banana: u like italian guys?

37angel37: Just cause I'm not married doesn't make me single

italianbig.banana: oh

italianbig.banana: sorry

italianbig.banana: u have bf

italianbig.banana: :)

37angel37: I like the Swedish chef... is that close?

italianbig.banana: ok

italianbig.banana: u have bf?

37angel37: Sometimes

italianbig.banana: eheh

37angel37: Sometimes he's a girl

italianbig.banana: oh

italianbig.banana: u bisex

italianbig.banana: nice

37angel37: Sometimes

italianbig.banana: i know in canada guys have small cock

italianbig.banana: its rigt?

37angel37: Really?

You have received a new Dialogue from Alee_Boii.

italianbig.banana: yeah

37angel37: This isn't Asia

italianbig.banana: yes in asia very small

italianbig.banana: in canada

italianbig.banana: small

37angel37: Hmm.. I doubt it

italianbig.banana: how big cock u see in canada?

37angel37: Seen really big ones.. sometimes close to 20lbs

italianbig.banana: 20lbs???

italianbig.banana: what mean

italianbig.banana: in inch?

37angel37: No no 20lbs/inch is a bit much... that be a turkey

italianbig.banana: 20 inch???

italianbig.banana: hahah

italianbig.banana: u crazy

italianbig.banana: black guys have max 9-10 inch

37angel37: eewww

italianbig.banana: u seen 20 inch cock?

37angel37: eewhat would I want with that?

37angel37: Are u gay? U seem to like cocks a bit much

italianbig.banana: no

italianbig.banana: i like knoe if u ever seen big cock

italianbig.banana: if u dont seen it

italianbig.banana: i like show it

italianbig.banana: i have big cock

italianbig.banana: 8 inch

37angel37: No no.. u have a picture of one u mean

italianbig.banana: nono

italianbig.banana: i like show it n cam

italianbig.banana: on skype

37angel37: What for?

37angel37: I can Google 8" cocks

37angel37: Hell I can Google 12" ones if I want

italianbig.banana: yeah

italianbig.banana: u can see porn star

italianbig.banana: cok

italianbig.banana: not noraml guys cock

37angel37: My vaginal canal is only 3.5 inches... I'm useless to u.

37angel37: Anything over 4" is just a freak of nature

italianbig.banana: wth mouth

italianbig.banana: and hands

37angel37: Hmm... doesn't help much on cam huh

italianbig.banana: eheh

italianbig.banana: ever seen big cock?

37angel37: de ja vu

You have received a new Dialogue from darkpleasure.

italianbig.banana: u say 20 inch

italianbig.banana: dont exist

italianbig.banana: 20 inch cock

italianbig.banana: u lier

italianbig.banana: say truth

37angel37: Hey.. don't msg me with ur hateful accusations...

italianbig.banana: ok

italianbig.banana: so?

37angel37: so what?

italianbig.banana: ever seen one?

37angel37: Sure

italianbig.banana: how big

37angel37: this big >-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<

italianbig.banana: oh

italianbig.banana: i measure it

italianbig.banana: wait

37angel37: Lol.. no waiting.. apparently ur ruler is sitting right there on ur lap

italianbig.banana: moreless

italianbig.banana: 15/16 cm


37angel37: Awww.. that's just a lil chicken

italianbig.banana: i have this size

italianbig.banana: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------—

37angel37: Well my ruler says that just under 4"

italianbig.banana: hahahah

italianbig.banana: 8 inch

37angel37: U must be proud

italianbig.banana: yeah

italianbig.banana: want see it?

italianbig.banana: to cmpare

italianbig.banana: it with ur ex bf

italianbig.banana: :P

37angel37: No.. I doubt it.. his was 15".. that's why we broke up

italianbig.banana: hahaha

37angel37: I told u I'm useless past 3.5

italianbig.banana: ok

37angel37: Ok :-)

January 13th, 2017 13:27
1 comment

Once again we have proof that those who think with the little head generally do so due to genetic deformation of the big head .

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