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I would describe myself as caring, thoughtful, kind and gentle, with the ability to listen to people and their problems for long periods of time with out judging them.
I've been a house husband for the last 20 year, so I understand how much a woman has to do each week if she's not got a 20th century man by her side !!
I'm a very placid, easy going and calm man. The only thing that really get me upset and angry I would say is people on there mobile phones when diving , and children stand up in the back of car. Both I would say is down to safety, one for other road users, the other for the child safety. I can't for one minute understand why anyone would do either.
I've been married 25 years this year and have two very good children, a boy 21 and a girl 20 soon, and I'm very proud of them both.
My best friend is Buffy the cat slayer, my little terrier. I don't know why she's call this as we have 3 cat and she never gets the better of them, not alone slay them.
I don't keep in the best of health sometimes so I am hoping being on here, finding new friend, and having a good conversion with them is going to help me when time are bad for me.
I would like to chat to anybody, I can get on with all ages, each age group has something to other, whether it's to make you feel younger again or the other end of the scale help and advice as we more than likely been their and done it if you know what I mean.
I like most types of music, my all time favourite band must be U2, have seen them a few times and they are truly brilliant. My favourite solo singer though is Sarah Brightman, and I can only wish and dream about affording to see she live !!
I'm very good at DIY if I must say so myself, I also like to do water colour paint and photography . I live right by the woods in the Forest of Dean which has two rivers close by, so theirs a lot to paint and take picture of.
If you like to know more about me please ask by sending a e-mail. Will add picture of myself soon.


Star signGemini
Hair colorlight brown
Eye colorblue
Type/stylejeans & t-shirt
Alcoholno alcohol
Foodall sorts of food
StatusI'm heterosexual and live in my own domicile
Pos. characteristicsKind, caring, thoughtful and will listen to any ones ploblems,
Neg. characteristicsI talk in my sleep, I'm not in the best of health


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