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Are you stalking me!?
Are you!?
Dont stare tooo long..

2 or 3 likes I will answer been awhile since i posted a blog

Other ·

Are you:
-Scared of the dark?
-Scared of heights?
-Scared of drowning?
-Scared of Losing someone?
-A virgin?

Do you think:
-People talk about you behind you back?
-Someone loves you?(Not family)
-Someone hates you?
-Someone is reading this right now?
-You'll have children?
-Get married?

Have you:
-Ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend?
-Ever wanted to kill someone?
-Felt lonely?
-Cried yourself to sleep?
-Snuck out?
-Took drugs?
-Gone to sleep with your clothes on?
-Slept naked?
-Wished you were someone else?
-Wanted something from someone?
-Got in trouble with the police?

Do you:
-Want a boyfriend/girlfriend?
-Have any medical conditions?
-Like your life?
-Wish you could change something from your past?
-Have a bestfriend?
-Want a new bestfriend?
-Miss someone right now? Who?
-Have a phone?
-Like Ice cream?

How many:
-Tooth Brushes?
-Phone cases?
-People you slept with?

November 15th, 2016 02:02
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