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Are you stalking me!?
Are you!?
Dont stare tooo long..

Had so much fun

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When you get back from a 3 day vacation with the boyfriend, it's so tiring!
Had a great weekend!
Seen sooo many museums
Soooo much shopping at sooo many malls
Rode a roller coaster
Did some Go Karts
And some mini golf!
Was a great early Valentine's day present from my boyfriend (also gave me a giant panda)
And a happy 5 month anniversary!!
Awesome weekend!

February 13th, 2017 07:06

wow! sounds amazing.. he surely is a gentleman! and hopefully valentine's will be even more special :)


wow that was a lotta fun and every year should be like that. :ok:


Omg I can't wait to do stuff like this


I can't spend Valentines day with him :/ he has work, and he got me roses tonight and waited for me after I got off work, he waited an hour for me c:


wow that's a keeper for sure and happy valentine's day from the golfer. :ok:

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