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Why is this medicine recommended?

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Read through the Client Data Leaflet supplied by your pharmacist before you begin taking sildenafil and every time you get a refill. If you have any concerns, inquire your doctor or pharmacist.
To take care of erectile dysfunction-ED, just take this drug by mouth as directed by your physician, typically as required. Consider sildenafil at least thirty minutes, but no much more than four hours, just before sexual activity (1 hour ahead of is the most effective). Do not take a lot more than once day-to-day.
A higher-unwanted fat meal might delay how swiftly the drug begins to function.
The dosage is based on your healthcare issue, response to treatment, and other prescription drugs you may be having. Be sure to explain to your physician and pharmacist about all the goods you use (such as prescription medications, nonprescription medicines, and organic goods).
Inform your medical professional if your problem does not boost. What situations does Fildena deal with?

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