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Don't give up

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"I used to say things, until I realized that couldn't make people listen. I used to show people things, until I realized that I couldn't make them see. I used to believe in something, until I realized that didn't make it true. Now I stand on the cusp of losing who I am to the person I never want to become. Devoid of sensitivity. Devoid of emotion. To regain who I was before, I need to kill what killed my soul so long ago. I cannot say that it will be easy. However, I do feel it to be important. And for that reason, I will not give up speaking. I will not stop showing people things. And I will not stop believing that one day, I won't have to say anything, or show anyone how, or believe in myself, because I will have others standing beside me, doing the same thing.... This is my rant. Can you hear me?"


December 7th, 2016 23:19

You can't make me listen!

Hmm. My soul...is full and empty. I cannot imagine it being killed, although sometimes I feel that it is being killed within the line of work that I do, afterward I realize that when I overcame the challenge, it wasn't death, only growth!

Who is MJG2016?


MJG is me.... Michael Joseph Gratis Jr. ....


Well, Mr. Gratis Jr...

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