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What will President Trump do on his first day?

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Wakes up, take extra meds , thinks of how to say he is so grateful for all those who put HIM in office, how HE will not fail them.

Then rings up his aids, fires a few people, hires a few people. Fires a few more, hires a few more, checks how much he has made from the market that day, the day of his inauguration.

Greets and kisses HIS daughter - ‘see darling, daddy has kept his words’, ‘don't worry about Israel, I'll fix what Obama and Kerry has done dear’. Won't take the congrats call from Putin, just wink at him through skype’

Swears in, gets ready for the balls, fires a few people, hires a few people, checks how much he has earned in the markets that day. Ignore bad vibes from those he promised posts but didn't come through on.

Nighttime after the balls- fires a few people, hires a few best people, tally up how much he made by the end of that day- drops a Viagra, and rings for Melania.

That is how a great president will make America great again. Top Gun.

January 18th, 2017 19:10

lol...funny and u could be right!


I forgot to say he will comb his hair to the side, hairspray it using up most of the Aqua net



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