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poem I wrote
It is a paradox of love and pain
Playing solitaire
The heart is like a yo-yo
Her love is like the string
It is a paradox
Of love and pain
I have been very busy getting all of my effects in order

It tangles
It knots
It is unraveling and binding
Up and down it travels

Cats in the cradle
Around the moon
Walking the dog

It is a paradox
Of love and pain

She loves me
I love her
It is a paradox
Of love and pain

I want hear her laughing and look in to her eyes

She has another’s name

Lonely hearts ad

Looking for a woman<Idea><
← The little raccoon is sad. :(


Star signLeo
Height1.72 m
Weight129.5 kg
Hair colorgrey
Eye colorgreen-blue
Smokeoccasional smoker
Foodall sorts of food
StatusI'm heterosexual and live in my own domicile
Relationshipsingle and searching
Pos. characteristicsI like to play the guitar and sing with others
Neg. characteristicsI don't like crowdeds or heavy drinkers


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