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What and who are we? What defines us? How to identify ourselves? What really drives us?

Is it carnal desire, the crave for flesh, for intimacy, the feeling of a body against it's own and the hormones accelerating our breathing and heart rate?

Is it the past we've had, the things we lived, the traumas, joys and difficulties we've gone through?

Is it written? Is our very own being, our history written and fixed somewhere in stone?

Is it pure logic, what made us do something that made us do something else etc. Just an endless chain of cause and effect?

Is it nothing? Just like we're not even little sand corns in the enormity of the universe and all we could do is have the most tolerable life?

Is it our environment, the people we are with, the place we're, the influence that changes us that defines us?

Is it the energy, the vibration we have and the way we handle it?

Is it beliefs, religion, a code of behavior written in some book?

Is it intellectual, the thoughts we have, the development we make, the logic we deploy?

Is there ANY answer?
Do we want or need to find any answers?

I don't know,
I know nothing,
the doubt consumes me,
drives me mad,
but also motivates me to find out more about me and others.

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1 comment

all and any questions are valid in my eyes.
what i have learned as i have become older is that not every human wants to know, not everyone asks these questions. some people are content in just the waking up and existing day by day.

for me life was all about questions, and now that i look back i can see that the questions have been answered ~ over time. I believe that because YOU have asked YOU will be answered ~ over time.

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