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make my blogs visible only to friends,thank you.


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Early to bed and late to rise, my body rests after a night of barbarity, pillage, and plunder, she still lay under, exausted and with glitter her eyes in awe, she professed her love, and said "OOOH HOW YOU PLUNDER"! and so i am sore, yet i still want "MORE"please once again "MAKE ME YOUR WHORE"! and so as i did spread her legs, she rolled her eyes in the back of her head , and as i dined on the sweet of her nectar , she cried "OMG DON'T STOP MAKE ME WETTER" ! And as i did eat she trembled in heat as she uttered the words "YOU DO THAT SO NEAT"! And as she shuddered and trembled in time i then proceeded to climb! And as i raised her legs so high, she looked in my eyes and said "OOH MY"! and so she did climax and so did i ! and as my love from her did ooze she said "I AM YOURS"to use!

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