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Hurricane of lust, Hurricane of Danger

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As i entered the eye of the storm, i braved the winds and so much more, it started so calm, i remember it well, i was the Gentlemen and she the whore, i did , i did not, did not matter she was a thot, i fullfilled her dreams as so it would seem, when actually i did not see that despite it all she was pulling me in, and so did i row, and so did i paddle, to no avail "I LOST THE BATTLE" with subtle and ease, and even some tease, much like a "BANSHEE" she did feed on me so to the degree , she brought me to one knee! And as my brain yelled : WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING? My mouth uttered out MARRY ME , BEAR MY CHILDREN! And so is the tale of a storm called "SUCCUBUS"! Twittle me dee, twiddle me "DUMB" serves me right for being a bum, cause being a gentlemen gets you in trouble, and falling in love makes it "DOUBLE"!

October 6th, 2016 00:19
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