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make my blogs visible only to friends,thank you.


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A shadow lurks and hides amongst the Darkness of a solace void, a whisper in it's ear tells it "SPEAK" yet all it does is lurk and hide, without "IT"knowing i'm at it's side ! It looks , it ponders, it trips and blunders, it's cries rain down as if it's thunder, and is deaf to all yet not me "HMMM" i wonder! She begs of love, yet fears the "HURT"and even though she knows off all i "LOVE"her the most ! Her "HEART"says speak , and her mind "BE SILENT"yet we both know she's filled with "SOLACE" so doth my soul now speaks to her "YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU"! Just give yourself a chance you will loose nothing by taking my hand !

November 23rd, 2016 01:09
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