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make my blogs visible only to friends,thank you.

Love is grand, Love is blind,Love is "DUMB" if we don't agree !

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Cupid and Aphroditie , meet on the riverbank , Cupid shot an arrow and Aphroditie disapeared, Aphrodite sang a song and Cupid put on ear plugs, cupid put on the charm and Aphrodite hid behind the barn, Aphroditie threw some damn lingerie on and cupid came a running, shot an arrow and landed in the wrong place, "LOVE IS A STUPID GAME"that all of us play, some for a life and some for a "LAY" but love don't work if we don't agree , "THAT'S JUST THE PROBLEM WITH YOU AND ME" ;)

November 29th, 2016 15:29
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