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make my blogs visible only to friends,thank you.

Stop the games and be more clear, you're getting old and still i'm here.

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Tell the truth, or be just you! Hidding in the shaddows like victims do , blaming life like it were to blame for you falling in love while playing a game, yet you make moves like playing chess as if those moves would make me follow suit, yet fail to realize you will not win if you don't play ! Yet in your heart a sharp pain ills for you now realize you know how you feel , and still with all that you've gone through you refuse to accept that you love me as i love you, and to make a long story short quit the bullshit and take the step but don't stay feeling all alone,vulnerable,tired and like no one cares when all along you know i was there !

January 11th, 2017 22:30
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