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Spinchat says that this is a text box. I fully understand that it is indeed a text box. Spinchat demands that I should fill this text box with text describing my humble self. I find it quite redudant due to the monumental amount of information I have previously submitted which clearly and comprehensively describes my character, my interests and my future goals as well. I also suffer a degree of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) which briefly means - in my case - that I cannot leave text fields without filling them. I'd rather have my bottom impaled on a giant cactus than leave a text field behind unfilled. Moreover, I am an engineer and with engineering comes practicality and since I completely despise redundancy, I am going to fill this text box with an utterly useless wall of text. Actually when I think about it for a moment, I think it may have its benefits since it really does make my profile look a little bit more professional. Of what use is your profile without a prominent, chuncky wall of text sitting there in the beginning of your dodgy profile?

OK, I admit it. I have no idea what I am talking about. It was a terrible idea to keep on spouting the aforetyped drivel and I fully apologize beforehand. I fully understand your frustration at reading this boring wall of text expecting to find some useful information embedded within its neverending lines and lines of words. I wholeheartedly admit that at no point did my previous ramblings and useless and incoherent sentences carry any kind of significant information that would benefit the reading victim in the slightest of manners. Again, I totally apologize and I am longing for your forgiveness.

OK, I think I am a bit high lol. Maybe that wasn't vanilla that I added to my cup of coffee lol.


Star signGemini
Height1.82 m
Weight88.0 kg
Hair colorblack
Eye colorblack
Type/stylejeans & t-shirt
Alcoholno alcohol
Foodno pork
StatusI'm heterosexual and live with my parents
Childrenhave no children
Relationshipforever alone
Pos. characteristicsCaring, Good listener, Responsible, Probably the easiest friend you can make, Always optimistic in the darkest of times lol
Neg. characteristicsA bit lazy, I laugh & smile too much that I look like an idiot lol, too charming the girls be droppin' down lol kidding I can't even seduce a Llama lol


Game of Thrones


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