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wishing my parrots a good life <\3

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FIP Casper <\3
Found him dead in his cage this morning..
He was a victim of PBFD (Parrot Beak and Feather Disease)..
oliver turned out to be genetically infected (infection goes back to his parents) and casper got infected after..
the symptoms didn't appear on casper but the PBFD is a silent disease that kills bird silently..
PBFD comes in then it affects your bird's immunity which leads it to losing his feathers and leads his beak to start becoming very brittle ..
but casper's feathers were immune.. though his organs weren't .. so he died..
i feel super empty..
all that's left is oliver.. and he could live for 1 more year.. maximally </3

January 7th, 2017 16:12
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Sorry to hear your loss of your parrot. I know the feeling. I had a Macaw and lost him in 2014. He had respiratory issues. He had been through a dramatic situation also. Still has one parrot left. She is doing great.

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