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Ayyyy what's up, everybody :P My name is Christian and this is my profile. I love meeting new people from all across the world :3 go ahead and send me a message if you wanna talk! I can get along with practically anyone! And who knows, perhaps we'll have a life changing conversation! :o haha and if you don't like what you see or maybe my red hair just pisses you off, be my guest and get the hell off my profile. ;)

No emotions, you are my shoulder
Me lead and you follow
As we circle the floor like the globe
Through this infinite mass
Makes us seem so small
With you in my hand like the
Skyline holds the stars

Because I've felt it in my hand,
Simple as a grain of sand,
Lost forever and...

They can't comprehend, nor
Even come close to understanding him
Guess if I was borin' they would love me more
I guess if I was simple in the mind
Everything would be fine
Maybe if I was a jerk to girls
Instead of being nice and speaking kind words
I guess that it would be okay to say then
I wasn't a good guy to begin with ...

But my mind is all
Crazy crazy crazy crazy
They got me thinkin' I ain't human
Like I came in from above above above above
Feelin' like an airplane in the sky
But then they say I'm
Crazy crazy crazy crazy
They got me thinkin' I ain't human
Like I came in from above above above above
Feelin' like a bird sittin high (high)

I be that man on the moon
I'm that man on the moon
And imma do what do
So do youuuu hey hey...

Close my eyes, hide in the dark
It's a curtain call, come on come all
All I do is try to make it simple
The ones that make it complicated that's what
Gets congratulated...

Need I say more?
Kid Cudi- man on the moon <3


Star signLeo
Height1.84 m
Weight75.0 kg
Hair colorred
Eye colorgreen-blue
Smokeoccasional smoker
Alcohola beer now and then
Foodall sorts of food
Religionatheist or agnostic
StatusI'm heterosexual
Childrenhave no children
Relationshipengaged to Rwad
Pos. characteristicsPlay many instruments. Love meeting new people. Can always share a nice conversation with someone I don't even know
Neg. characteristicsSlightly bashful at times. I can be a cynic ;)


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