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The car was ready and delivered yesterday morning, just before noon.

I named it 'Ruth', after Anne McAfferty's white dragon, in the 'Dragonriders of Pern' series. Seems appropriate somehow.

Restarting my business; 'Ole Sarge's Mobile Bicycle Repair', although I KNOW I won't be getting many customers during this time of year, because I have a bicycle carrier for the car on order (coming in about a week), and a lot of free time ahead of me for a while. That, and I'm NOT a quitter. . . .

My nickname in the Army was "Weebils" because 'Weebils wobble, but they don't fall down!'. I think it referred to the way I walk, but also to the fact that I seldom, if ever, really give up on something considered important. That's how I chose to take it, anyway.

Ordered a replacement set of dog-tags with an updated religion setting, this morning. For $15, with free shipping, that was a hard deal to pass up.

Bambi left for work without her phone this morning. Ten bucks says I will see her again before I have to leave for work at 1245!

Amazing how dependent we've gotten on technology. . . .can't seem to make it anymore without carrying a cell phone, or having access to the Internet!

I'm on a diet, tending to not eat much during the day (a bad habit I have to modify soon), and I KNOW it's important for me to start exercising regularly, but it's hard as hell to kick-start my motivation to get this begun. . . . .just another excuse?

I dunno.

The VA keeps throwing pills at me, hoping my physical/emotional symptoms will magically vanish, but I know medication is only a TOOL, at best, so keep patching the holes that appear in my psyche from time to time as well as possible. Seeing my counselor for the first time in several months next Thursday, hoping his input will help in this ongoing war with The Beast.

Working today. It's a bright, sunny sky outside, with high supposed to hit 65 later on, as well as the start of the Columbus Day three-day weekend, so am anticipating/hoping for an easy shift today.

That is what's happening with me, posted for whatever good it does here.

October 7th, 2016 16:41

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