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November 28th, 2016

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Nearly a month ago an amazing person I met here on spin left my life. I only knew him for 2 weeks, but he left a beautiful mark on my heart and mind that I do not think will ever fade though he may be gone from my life forever. Most of the time when people part company it is because they do not get along anymore. This was not the case here. He left my life though we got along very well, and cared for each other very strongly. I'd love it if he'd decide to be a part of my life again, but do not expect that he will. I wonder if, though he and I both cared(and I still do) about each other so much if he's completely put me out of his mind so that having feelings for someone far away isn't something he thinks of now days. I know I still think of him every singe day.

November 28th, 2016 02:46

Hope it works out well for ya


I got my answer


So long as he is happy then that means it works out well. I don't fault him for protecting himself from what he saw as a sure path to heartache. He's a great guy and deserves so much joy.

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