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Advice to Feminists

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To every woman reading this, it is with conviction that I urge you to just GIVE UP. It does not matter how intelligent you are, how much research you do, or what amount of specific detail you provide- Men will ALWAYS pass you off as being naïve, ignorant, and completely manipulate-able on ANY subject, so stop trying to prove them wrong. There is a more effective, albeit far less dignified way to resolve things:

On Tuesday morning I had gone down to a local masonry store to order some block. I specifically told the salesperson the types of block I wanted, using specific terms that I had looked up the product website that listed that store as one of their official retailers, the exact dimensions of each block, as well as the number of each block I needed. He agreed to all but the four 4x8x8 interlocking fence blocks, which he said he did not have in stock BUT he claimed to be in stock at another store and that he would have those blocks delivered by “tomorrow” midmorning, and he would call me then, and in the meantime I could still take the rest of my order home.
I agreed these terms were acceptable so I paid for the total of all the blocks. For some reason, the loader employee, despite having the printed load ticket for my order, only gave me the sixteen interlocking 4x8x16 Fence Blocks and the ten 8x8x16 Pilaster A Blocks, but NOT the two 2x8x16 cap blocks. So I spoke with the same salesperson that sold me the blocks and arranged to pick up my cap blocks at the same time as my half-blocks and he confirmed this.

The next day morning came, no call, and after waiting until noon I gave THEM a call to see if my order had come in, and I gave them my sales receipt number to confirm. They said my order had not arrived but they had confirmation that it would arrive later that afternoon and promised to call me before the day was over. They never did.

So this morning I called, explained my situation, mentioned the salesperson by name and they told me my order was in they just forgot to call and I could come and pick it up. I could forgive that, honestly I could- it is what happened when I got there that truly pissed me off;

When I got there, receipt in hand, I was greeted by the same salesperson, and he led me back to where my order was waiting, and the two cap blocks were there, but no sign of my 4 interlocking fence half-blocks. When I questioned this, he said he was unaware of what I was talking about, and said no one had mentioned those blocks to him despite the fact that I recounted for him our EXACT conversation (and yes it was him; same name and, let’s just say he is the only employee of his ethnicity working there and leave it at that.) So he told me to wait outside and he would send the manager to come out and personally help me.
After 10 minutes of waiting, the forklift operators started to get nervous about having a petite white girl standing around their loading area. Two of them approached me to ask what I was looking for, and I told them my situation, I gave them the salesperson’s name, and that I was waiting for four interlocking fence half-blocks, also known as wall-stretchers, that were 4 inches wide, 8 inches tall, and 8 inches long. They went inside to confirm my story, then came back and brought me four 8x8x8 smooth sided pilaster blocks.
I told them that was NOT what I ordered, so again I told them the dimensions and the brand name of the block I was looking for and even showed them a picture on my phone- they brought me four of the 4x8x16s instead and told me I was confused and that no such block existed and that I could find a concrete saw and cut these in half. So I went inside and found the same salesperson and told him my situation. He also dismissed me and told me he had worked in this business for 15 years and that the company does not make interlocking fence block in those dimensions. I told him that I got my information off of the website that supplies them with the other blocks they sold me, and I pulled out my smart phone and showed him the picture straight from the official website, whose logo they proudly display at their front desk and on the signs outside. He looked less confident then, but was not about to be shown up by me, and I’m fairly certain he was just lazy. He told me that no one sells that block.
So I asked for a refund, and he hesitated and I am convinced they all work on commission.

At this point I was very tired and frustrated- I had been lied to, waved off as some ignorant blonde who doesn’t know a cinder block from a brick, practically told as such despite providing specific details and photographic evidence to try to avoid any confusion, and had even said that block color didn’t matter in order to make things less difficult, and now it looked like they thought they could con me out of a refund because THEY were being inconvenienced. All of this despite the fact that I had remained calm, spoke clearly and been nothing but polite even though they “forgot” to call me, and I had already paid in advance.
They did not respect me as an adult, an intelligent individual, or a paying customer. So, I decided if they were going to treat me like a silly little girl, then I was going to live up to their sexist expectations.

I cried- right in the middle of their store. Not silent tears of aggravation either; it was loud, snot nosed sobbing. A couple had been standing at the register next to me, about to pay for a VERY expensive order ( a few hundred dollars’ worth) and upon seeing me upset, the wife retracted her husband’s credit card and came over to comfort me with a hug while her husband stood their helplessly gawking, unsure of what to do. The woman glared at the salesperson, who was now very aware he was about to lose a big sale, and suddenly he and two other employees that had previously been standing around doing nothing were on phones calling several other stores while a third got on the computer and did research.

Eight minutes later, ‘lo and behold, there IS a store in their system that has five of my interlocking 4x8x8 half-blocks, and I stood there and listen to him tell the other person on the phone to have them delivered to their store first thing tomorrow morning. I received an apology and was told they would call me tomorrow, I wrote down my name, number, what I was waiting for along with the exact dimensions (I even sketched a little picture) on a sticky note that was placed on the top left corner of the register computer screen near the telephone.

Stop trying to act like women are equal to men- yes we are equal (and at this point I’m swaying towards the belief we might be superior) but we will NEVER be seen as such, and will NEVER be treated with respect. The ONLY way to get lazy, pig-headed men to actually LISTEN to you and do their job, is to make them EXTREMELY UNCOMFORTABLE with every stereotypical “feminine” cliché you have ever been disgusted by.
Men have two great fears; menstrual blood, and female tears. These are our greatest weapons; USE them.

January 12th, 2017 22:55

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Well it's good (no it's not) to know that this kind of thing happens over in the States as well. Here in UK, I have just been ordering a kitchen through a well known large UK-wide group company.
At first they were fine but when the order arrived two days late, it was incomplete and on ringing the office they told me the rest of the order would be delivered the following day. I waited in all day but by 7.00pm nothing had arrived.
Meanwhile, I had to go away for a few days and leave the kitchen fitters to fit the units. When I got back to check the work, I noticed that the fitters were working on the wrong kitchen unit design. I stopped them straight away and checked the delivery note and boxes. Both of these had numbers on them that agreed with my order and as I had ordered the kitchen I wanted, it was a mystery as to why there was a design difference.
The following day I rang to say they had delivered the wrong design and instead of saying sorry, they argued that I had ordered the design I got. This was the start of a buying association with the "Kitchen Company from Hell". The story went from bad to stupid to annoying to truly terrible as the Company didn't care. They were slow, innaccurate, lacking in service, unable to read their own catalogue and poor at running a tight ship.
At the end, I had to go back for a credit on all the stuff I had not ordered and when in their office reception, I saw that there was a good queue of customers, I used every stereotypical technique I could summon up. I raised my voice, I hit my fist on the counter and demanded to see the manager. I frowned and started to tell the entire story of how this kitchen order was incorrectly supplied in bits that were not only wrong in design but also included warped and damaged cupboard fronts.

This worked. The manager came out and gave me a full credit and apologised.

I will never use this company again and they are not good at the fulfillment and service side of their job.

To every woman reading this, you are NOT ALONE. There are companies out there without care, without pride and without the ability to understand that in order to build trust, the economy and in the final analysis, a strong country, there needs to be a respect of the customer. The Customer is tops, whether King or Queen. If I had been inaccurate or unreasonable in any manner, I would not have been surprised at getting bad service but I was polite, well ordered and in full control of my ordering skills and my admin.

Attitude problems are common. Let's all work to be great people - people who rise up above our genders and other matters which are too often used to divide us.

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